While You Were Getting Ready To Rumble


  • Tom Hanks penned a lengthy tribute to his makeup artist in the New York Times. And appropriately, not to his hair stylist.
  • Commuters in Baltimore hoping to listen to NPR were accidentally treated to The Howard Stern Show thanks to defective satellite radios. That puts them in an elite class: people who have actually listened to Howard Stern since January.
  • President Bush says the National Anthem should be sung in English because he feels that people who want to be citizens of this country ought to learn the language. Immigrants respond: You first.
  • Tom Cruise wants to hire a Beatles tribute band to play at his wedding. The guys pretending to be the Beatles can’t wait to perform for people pretending to be in love.
  • 50 Cent thinks that Oprah only “caters to older white women.” Producers argue No, she caters to gay men too.
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