CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Robin Williams Declares Jihad On Your Nerves


rv.jpg1. Through the magic of movies, you can now experience what it would actually feel like to be stuck in a small space with Robin Williams for hours on end – $16.4 million

2. Hollywood said ‘let’s roll’, helping us to ‘never forget’ that it’s ‘never too soon’ to cash in on the deaths of thousands – $11.6 million

3. So your top three movie choices this week were Robin Williams in a motorhome, suffering through 9/11 again, or spending some time with super-enthusiastic teenage girl gymnasts – and the gymnasts came in 3rd – $11.3 million

4. Do I really have to go see this movie just to find out why the girl on the poster doesn’t have a mouth? – $9.3 million

5. Keenan-Ivory Wayans uses another batch of lame, super-obvious, reheated, Leno-esque Brokeback-referencing pop culture schticks to say to American moviegoers: “I’m gonna get your money, sucka!” – $7.8 million

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