Sharon Stone Is To Orangutan As Russell Crowe Is To…


russell crowe.jpgNormally I’d be all for making fun of Sharon Stone. But there’s something about Russell Crowe doing it that makes me want to jump to her defense. Check out what Russell said about the falling Basic Instinct 2 star and her forever-youthful look:

“A lot seems to have changed. When are you not you any more? At what point do you have to get a name change too? You can end up looking like a startled chimpanzee. The eyes are gone, the lips are like rubber tires – or more like an orangutan that has been kicked in the a**e.”

I’m not going to let Russell get away with this. So here’s my question: If Sharon Stone resembles an orangutan, what does that make Russell Crowe? I think I’m going with Manatee. What about you? Any living creature in the animal kingdom is fair game. Throw your answers in the Comments!

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