AWESOMEWATCH: Be Kind Rewind, Fool



  • Jack Black is set to star in director Michel Gondry’s Be Kind, Rewinda new movie about a guy whose magnetized head accidentally erases all the VHS tapes in his friend’s video store, forcing him to remake the classics himself. He coulda just gone to Best Buy and bought DVDs, but I guess that’s not as entertaining.
  • TV Land has greenlit a new reality show starring Mr. T called Pity the Fool. The network is comparing the show to Dr. Phil, the main difference being that if they don’t listen to the homespun self-help advice, guests will be beaten within an inch of their lives by an angry black man.
  • The new trailer for the next installment of Pirates of the Carribean is online. It’s the best Captain Jack available, except for the contents of my coffee mug.
  • Coming Soon: Your Battle To Order A Coffee Without Being Passively-Aggressively Corrected On the Proper Use of a Non-Existant Java Language By a Smug Starbucks Employeethe Movie!
  • A supporting performer from the film on Snakes on a Plane! They used “realistic” rubber snakes!
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