GAMES: What’s Her Bra Size?


bra size.JPGThink you know boobs? Prove it. Take the What’s Her Bra Size? quiz from and see how you do. This ridiculous game (with hilarious NSFW audio commentary, by the way) has everybody from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Love Hewitt to Jenna Von Oy. Let’s see how much attention you’ve actually paid to the lovely lady lumps of our favorite female celebrities. And Jenna Von Oy.

I was a little disappointed in myself only guessing 71 out of 100 correctly. That makes me a C student. However, since I’m a dude I feel as if I should be graded on a curve. So I’m going from a C to an A… which is actually the exact opposite of what most of the ladies in this quiz have done since moving to Hollywood. Anyway, now it’s your turn. Good luck!

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