Is Stephen Colbert Having the Best Week Ever?


colby.jpgIf you watched the video, you already know that Stephen Colbert’s “give me hilarity, or give me death” speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has earned him the honor of being regarded as the Patrick Henry of the Comedy Central set. But I happen to be of the opinion that this particular Daily Show alum is also having the Best Week Ever.

His comments were so full of uncharacteristic “Truthiness” that the mainstream press is intentionally ignoring his remarks, clearly hoping as few people as possible hear his bitingly brilliant vocalization of the outrage many Americans have been feeling for years. The good news is some people ARE paying attention to Colbert’s success, as he was profiled this week in a feature on 60 Minutes, which you can watch here in three parts. Unsurprisingly, Jon Stewart praised his performance, astutely noting that “apparently he was under the impression that they’d hired him to do what he does on television every night”.

Finally, at the writing of this post, 84% of the participants in today’s Gawker poll (and would could really be more representative of impenetrable fact?) have voted Colbert’s stunt “one of the most patriotic acts I’ve witnessed of any individual”.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert: Best Week – and best patriot – ever.

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