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  • INEVITABLE CAREER DECISION: Eddie Murphy is all ready to star in Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axl Gets His Pension. (The Sun)
  • THE NEXT KABBALAH: JuBu’s… they’re Jewish Buddhists. Not a Jewish clothing line competing with FuBu. (LA Times)
  • DEMI MOORE HEADLINE FROM THE FUTURE: Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21 (CNN)
  • FALSE START: After telling fans they should “expect something special” for weeks, Janet Jackson disappointed everybody by posting a lame cover of the song “Weekend” on her website. Twenty-four hours later, the track has been taken down and replaced by a note explaining that “Weekend” is not a single and won’t be on her next album. Um. Thanks for that “special” treat, Janet. Maybe you should just stick to just whipping your nipples out. (Mediatakeout)
  • ANIMAL DOPPELGANGER: Paris Hilton — Proboscis Monkey (Gallery of the Absurd)
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