POLL: Who Will Paris Date Next?


paris_hilton.jpgSo Paris Hilton and her wealthy Greek boyfriend Stavros Niachros have split. After a year of dating and a string of surprise birthday parties all over the Western Hemisphere, the couple have decided their romance has run its course. Hilton was rumored to have originally stolen Niachros from the tiny arms of Mary Kate Olsen, who previously dated the Greek heir. We know Paris likes to date guys, like Stavros, who’ve been tested by like-minded starlets. So we’ve compiled the top five passed-around guys she could date next.
1)Cisco Adler (currently dating Mischa Barton, formerly with Kimberly Stewart)
2)Scott Sartaino (currently dating Jamie Lynn Siglerformerly with Ashley Olsen)
3) Wilmer Valderamma (currently dating no one, formerly with everyone)
4) Jared Leto(formerly with Lindsay Lo, Scarlett Jo, and Ashley Olsen)
5) Brett Ratner (currently dating Lindsay Lohan, formerly with Serena Williams)
Factoring in looks, former girlfriends and financial status, who will Paris conquer next?

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