While You Were Seeing Kanye In Harlem, Brother!



  • Tom Cruise, yelling to Kanye West on TRL today: “Hey Kanye! See you in Harlem, brother!”. Nothing glib about racially stereotyping your “boy”, folks.
  • In other Cruise News, TomKat have finally signed the prenuptial agreement their lawyers have been battling over for so long. She agrees to pretend she loves him, he agrees to pretend he’s got a grip on reality, and they both agree to pretend he’s not gay.
  • Donald and Ivana are quibbling over who has the rights to the “Trump” brand, and all the vapid, idiotic materialism it represents.
  • Flea is crying about “all the downloading” of the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album. Luckily he has all those $100 bills to dry his tear-stained eyes with. Meanwhile, Neil Young totally sells out and offers his music online for free.
  • K-Fed is seeking a threesome with Jessica Alba. In a related story, I am also seeking a threesome with Jessica Alba.
  • MySpace-enhanced cell phones: now high school kids can further remove themselves from actual human interaction – on the go!
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