Are Conservatives Having the Best Week Ever?


FLAG.PIN.2.JPGA brief glance at the news would indicate they are. Stephen Colbert, who famously made his staunch conservative views public last weekend, remains the number one search on Technorati for the fourth straight day. Did you know that today was a NATIONAL Day of Prayer? Bush is brushing up on his Spanish because, deep down, he loves Mexicans – but not too much. Hillary Clinton is probably running for president. Christian groups are launching their coordinated efforts to thwart the godless, heathen Tom Hanks film The DaVinci Code. A conservative Charlotte, North Carolina mother who attended a Fall Out Boy concert with her daughter was apparently so outraged by lead-singer/exhibitionist Pete Wentz’s comments about stopping homophobia that she vowed to single-handedly crush the emo-rock group.

The right-wing just might be having it’s Best Week Ever!

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