MTV Gets Fresh Meat for New Challenge


road worldersMTV has announced a new version of the Gauntlet Inferno juggernaut, and it doesn’t bode well for many of the series’ former cast mates. The latest incarnation, called Fresh Meat, employs only 12 road worlders as opposed to the usual 20-30. Why? Because in this version, 12 former Real World/Road Rulers will now compete against 12 ‘regular’ people (who look hot sand wrestling for coconuts.)

While the old-school 12 (which includes Melinda, Danny, Wes, Tonya, Derrick, Corral, Johanna and Katie) can keep their agents, their LA apartments and their Tanning Salon memberships for a few more months, other former cast mates will have to finally enter the real world–which has far fewer hot tubs then they were led to believe.

Check out the new cast here.

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