Is David Blaine Having the Best Week Ever?


5-5-2006 - David Blaine - header.jpgBy now you’ve most certainly heard about the guy in the huge snowglobe here in Lincoln Center. The only person better than Steve-O at getting massive amounts attention for doing dumb stuff is “magician” David Blaine. The hippest thing to happen to magic since Houdini (and GOB Bluth, of course), Blaine has singlehandedly salvaged the legitimacy of his art after years of David Copperfield’s lame and tiresome “flying-around-in-Ferarri-then-disappearing” acts. His latest stunt is receiving massive amounts of media coverage, at the expense of his shriveled, prune-like hands. And if he succeeds in his big “holding his breath for 9 minutes” finale, he will have set a new world record.

Bubble Boy really might be having the Best Week Ever – and for living in a water tank for a week with nothing but a feeding tube and the harassment of passing pedestrians to keep him company, it’s probably the least we can do.

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