Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


scheeripod_shuffle.JPGThe weekly segement in which we all brag about how cool our taste in music is by shuffling the songs on our iPods and posting – honestly – the first five resulting random tracks. Our guest this week is a favorite on Best Week Ever, a hilarious comedian, and one fourth of The Human Giant – the lovely and talented Mr. Paul Sheer! So what does Paul listen to when he’s not cracking wise on our show? Let’s take a look:

1. “Sexy Motherf*cker”Prince
2. “Let’s Face It”The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
3. “Lay Low”My Morning Jacket
4. “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”Urge Overkill
5. “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”Fred Rogers

I think I’d be a little surprised about the Mr. Rogers song if this was anyone other than Paul. As always, post the results of your own shuffle in the comments!

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