While You Were Dodging the Debt Collectors From Chateau Marmont



  • David Spade unsurprisingly continues on with Mission: Very Publicly Make Sure Everyone In the World Knows I, David Spade, Am Dating Heather Locklear.
  • Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn disgraces Trent’s Swingers ladies man legacy by refusing to admit that he’s dating Jennifer Aniston, thus forcing tabloid writers everywhere to wait even longer to officially coin “Vinnifer”.
  • Jeremy Piven calls Barbara Walters “a bitch”, offers to hug it out.
  • Ashlee Simpson sticks her new nose up at the idea of making her sister’s mistake and marrying young.
  • M:I3’s expected box office take might be making studio executives a little nervous about whether Tom Cruise is still a bankable star, or just another crazy person frantically running around Manhattan in the costliest marketing mistake of all time.
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