CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Mission Unprofitable


mi-3_rt.jpgWhat happens when you launch a costly, multi-vehicular air, land and sea publicity assault on the biggest metropolitan area in the world? Apparently not much. Here are the top five films you chose to waste your hard-earned money on last weekend.

1. Tom Cruise’s increasingly insane real-life antics are proving to be far better entertainment than the movies he makes between his patented brand of publicity nightmares – $48 million

2. No wonder M:I3 opened to such poor numbers, considering the stiff competition it had from the Robin Williams-on-vacation-in-a-motorhome-hijinx-ensue-comedy in it’s second week of release – $11.1 million

3. I see dead people: Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek’s slumming performances – $6.4 million

4. You know what, “stick it” up your ass$5.5 million

5. Grave-robbing is not nearly as profitable as Hollywood had been expecting – $5.2 million

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