Is Ashlee Simpson’s New Nose Having The Best Week Ever?


ashlee nose.jpgTwo weeks ago, Ashlee Simpson was nothing more than Jessica’s younger, less talented, bigger-nosed sister. But after going under the knife Doctor 90210 style, that’s not the case today. Now nobody can say she has a bigger nose (the less talented stuff is still cool, though.)

People are loving Ashlee’s new schnoz. Egotastic has posted over 60 photographs of the singer, and there are whispers throughout the blogosphere that Ashlee may have surpassed Jessica as the sexier Simpson sister. It’s amazing what a little rhinoplasty can do. After looking at the pics, I started thinking that she has a better voice too. You’re doing some great PR work, Ashlee Simpson’s Nose– and that’s why I think you’re having the best week ever.

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