Scientologists Love MI3!!!


cruise.jpgYes, Mission Impossible 3 only finished up the weekend with“disappointing” $48 million. But who cares? I want you to forget about the casual movie goer and forget about “normal people.” M:I3 was a big hit amongst the one group of people that matters the most- Scientologists.

Or was it…

People in Holllywood have noticed an “unusual pattern of ticket sales” at the Arclight Theater… a movie theater conveniently located right next to the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

…an ArcLight employee did confirm to me just now that “people have been buying dozens of tickets at a time” for MI3, which is definitely an extraordinary sales pattern for the movie theater (or any theater, for that matter).

Hmmm, interesting. I’m not sure if I buy the conspiracy theory, though. What would you expect Scientologists to buy dozens of tickets for? RV? Come on now.

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