While You Were Never Drinking Tequila Again



  • A court awarded David Hasselhoff joint custody of his children following his bitter divorce from estranged ex-wife Pamela Bach. The Hoff is relieved to have his kids back, but is still pissed that the b*tch got to keep KITT.
  • Courtney Love revealed that the first time she met Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, she was high on crack. She then revealed that she was also high on crack while revealing the previous revelation.
  • By now one would think it impossible to learn that Kevin Federline could possibly be any more of an idiot than he already seems. But then one would see this picture, and inherently know they had been oh so very wrong.
  • Oh, and when K-Fed isn’t standing triumphantly atop a Maserati he doesn’t own, he’s pressing the buttons of his ATM machine/wife, who keeps telling him “insufficient funds”.
  • Zack Morris knocked up his wife, who sadly isn’t Kelly Kapowski.
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