SIZZLER: Jamie Foxx, Fairweather Father


Jamie_Foxx_Tom_Crui_161524a.jpgJamie Foxx, Academy Award-winner and self-proclaimed “saviour of R&B”, is insisting that he is not the godfather of Suri Cruise, even though just a few weeks ago he accepted Tom’s offer for the role of “uncle” in the divine comedy known as The Cruise Family. While no one is yet resorting to DNA testing to determine whether or not Foxx is in fact the child’s godfather, you’d think he could have at least waited for like a week after M:I3‘s disappointing box office debut to wash his hands of the child and jump off the sinking Tom-tanic Cruise liner. Foxx sure seemed to love Tom back when the relationship was all fun and flirty, but now that reality sets in and things get a little rocky, Romeo is stealing off like a thief in the night. For shame.

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