Smoking Gun’s Vanity Band Contract Riders


seagalThe Smoking Gun has the contract riders of your favorite actors in vanity bands. There’s Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars, who demand tofurky and top shelf water; Dennis Quaid and his band The Sharks, who request the star be booked in hotels under the porno alias “Richard Powers”. But the best is Steven Seagal who’s on tour supporting his record “Mojo Preist”, an album hailed as the year’s best (by BWE panelist Paul Scheer.) In fact his music is so good, he demands a “boom box” in his dressing room, presumably so he can listen to his own blues ballads like Alligator Ass and Show Me Your Ass. We guess when he wants to watch his movies, he has to supply his own beta-max.

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