While You Were Having Morning Sickness



  • Kanye West is being sued for allegedly not paying the lease on his 2003 Mercedes. Wait, Kanyeezy drives a three year old Benz? And it’s leased? And he can’t afford it!?! I guess homey’s gold done got dug.
  • This week, Vanity Fair ran an exclusive interview entitled “The Dick Cheney You Don’t Know”. Apparently the Vice President revealed that he once “killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die”.
  • There have been shocking developments in the Knight Rider motion picture project – producers are indicating they’re not interested in OG David Hasselhoff, or his high-wattage box office heat. However, they could face a potential crew strike as KITT has flatly stated, “If The Hoff’s out, I’m out.” And judging by the motion of his red lights, he wasn’t joking around.
  • “Master of Illusions” David Blaine wants a do-over on the whole holding-his-breath-without-drowning thing. There’s nothing more impressive than when a magician is wrong about which is your card, then pleads to do the trick again.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of things movie stars who wannabe rockers require in their dressing rooms while touring in order to properly suck, check this out.
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