While You Were Recovering from that Crazy Namibian Wedding



  • Britney may be planning a surprise divorce from Kevin. But first she has to fly in all his friends and family so he’ll really be surprised.
  • Andy Roddick posts his first blog entry. The first time is always awkward.
  • John Travolta demands silence in his hotel lobby. For the devout scientologist, entering a hotel is even more traumatizing then exiting the birth canal.
  • Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina is sued by music producers over songs they recorded with Lindsay. But the real victims are the people who had to listen to the songs.
  • Top Model contestant has a fight with a TV guide interviewer. Nothing they can’t work out on the Tyra Banks show.
  • A pimp calls Charlie Sheen a depraved lunatic. In his defense, Heidi Fleiss thinks he’s a gentleman.
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