Are Saved By The Bell Fans Having The Best Week Ever?


sbtb.jpgFirst things first. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I should tell you something– I’m the biggest Saved by the Bell fan ever. At least, I was. Back in the late 90’s, before it was cool to be nostalgic over Zack Morris and friends, I wrote an article for my high school newspaper proclaiming that we were “the Saved by the Bell generation.” I was mocked. In college I would receive phone calls at 2 o’clock in the morning from people who needed help with SBTB trivia. I never let them down. And speaking of college, do you know why I chose to attend the college that I did? Because I found the Saved by the Bell soundtrack on sale in their student union and I took it as a sign. I wish I was kidding.

But that was then. A couple of years ago I decided to put SBTB behind me and move on. I figured the nostalgia kick was on its way out, and SBTB would fade away completely. I was dead wrong. Have you been on-line this week? SBTB is EVERYWHERE!
Check out these videos:

28 Days Slater
Mr. Belding singing karaoke
TONS of clips on YouTube
and it’s on Adult Swim

What year is it??? With all this SBTB nostalgia, I’m going to have to say that SBTB fans are having the Best Week Ever. Now all they need is Bayside to Beat-b-b-b-beat Valley and their lives will be complete.

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