High Score Your Way Into Heaven


LeftBehind.jpgHave you heard the gospel of gaming? Essentially the most awesome thing to happen to Christianity since Kirk Cameron left Growing Pains, the makers of the Left Behind brand of evangelical entertainment have announced their latest soul-saving scheme: the official “End Times” video game! For all the wayward souls who would find their way to the Lord if they weren’t so busy playing PS2 all the time, there is now a fun and wholesome way to do both! Who needs to sit through a boring church service when you could spend Sunday morning navigating through level after apocalyptic level, using a variety of weapons to convert homosexuals and other heathen types to Christianity whilst doing battle with the Bible’s very own Bowser – the Anti-Christ Himself! Just beware the Mark of the Beast and sinful temptation!

This one’s really gonna give Grand Theft Auto a run for it’s money. And the best part is, if it sells well, we might even get the chance to experience Jesus’ crucifixion first-hand when Mel Gibson finally gets around to releasing “The Passion of the Christ: the Game“!

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