ICYMI: Daughtry Fueling Up To Play Frat Parties?


daughtry.jpgNow that you’ve grown tired of masochistically watching American Idol hopeful Chris Daughtry’s dreams being shattered before him, you might be left wondering “now what?” Well, if a certain annoying band you forgot about six years ago has anything to say about it, the would-be Idol’s rock-star’in days might only be beginning. 90’s pop-metal band Fuel is planning to reach out to Mr. Daughtry on Extra tonight, publicly inviting him to join them on their journey through college, corporate and casino gigs throughout small-town America. Sure, it’s not quite widespread fame, but the drunk sorority groupies ain’t bad and the booze is usually free.

Now if that’s not a “Shimmering” silver lining to his dark cloud of despair, I don’t really know what is.

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