Lindsay Lohan Gets Around


lohan marshall.jpgI’ve never claimed to understand Lindsay’s taste in men– from Aaron Carter to Colin Farrell to whoever that dirty guy was that she was photographed kissing the other day. I don’t get her. But this time… this time she’s gone too far. Lindsay Lohan is hooking up with Garry Marshall??? Lindsay! What’s wrong with you? He’s 71 years-old, you’re 19! Thats sick! I know you have daddy issues, but Garry’s old enough to be your grandfather. Do you have granddaddy issues too? And Garry, you should be ashamed! Dating a woman 52 years younger than you. Actually… I take that back. You’re cool.

Sorry. I just can’t believe Lindsay gets around the way she does. I mean, the fact that she’s hooking up with everybody she’s photographed with is just a little too much to handle. Click below to see a picture of Lindsay’s face after Garry tells her there’s not even a movie role in this for her.lohan 1.jpg

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