mattleavingparisBEST THING THAT WASN’T SAID: Hollywood big-wigs defend Tom Cruise by calling him “consistant,” “warm-hearted,” and a “wonderful actor.” But not one person says he isn’t ape-sh*t. (Socialite Life)
WALK OF SHAME: Matt Leinert sneaking out of Paris Hilton’s house after what looks like a rough night. Caught ya! (TMZ)
CELEBRITY: Mike Myers. When he stopped to chat on the street with blogger fan cityrag and even posed for a picture, he landed in the good graces of bloggers across blogerica. (cityrag)
JILTED LEAD SINGER: Brett Scallions. The former lead singer of Fuel, who stepped down from his esteemed post in February, is probably not too jazzed about being replaced by an American Idol. (Wikipedia)