While You Were Pouring One Out For Chris Daughtry



  • According to a recent poll, Tom Cruise is slightly more popular than President Bush. In a related story, President Bush is planning a surprise visit to Manhattan next week in which he’ll use Air Force One, a Naval Aircraft Carrier and a Stealth plane you don’t even know about to run around the city and hug firemen.
  • David Blaine underwent a brain scan following this week’s failed stunt. The machine – unable to detect anything magic, or even remotely interesting about the “illusionist” – stopped examining him halfway through the procedure, malfunctioning from sheer boredom.
  • At Syracuse University, you can take a course studying the lives of Tupac and Lil’ Kim. The course is offered through the Criminal Justice department and is entitled, “How to do jail time when you’re rich and famous 101″.
  • Kate Beckinsdale is worried she has stank breath. Maybe if she stopped doing all those stupid vampire movies, she could cut down on the garlic.
  • Thanks to our brilliant friends over at Google, now you can use the Trends tool to see just how many other people are using the search engine to stalk your ex.
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