While You Were Wondering Who Was Listening To Your Phone Calls


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  • Lindsay Lohan used an ass double for her Coinslot skit on SNL. Her actual ass was way too wasted to make it to the set.
  • A popular pornstar says Tommy Lee is great in bed. No, not Pamela Anderson. A different one this time.
  • A New York hip-hop DJ was fired for taunting a rival radio personality by saying that he was going to “R. Kelly” the man’s young daughter. The station has a policy that nobody should be threatened with Trapped In The Closet under any circumstance.
  • Chris Tucker will earn $25 million to appear in Rush Hour 3, making him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. And rightfully so, I loved his last movie… Rush Hour 2.
  • Pete Doherty upset fans by failing to show up for a gig in Germany. The fans who actually expected Pete to show up were said to be higher than he was.
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