Nick Lachey is a Douche


douche.jpgDeadspin, my first stop every morning (right after I check my fantasy baseball team, natch) came across this picture of Nick Lachey and future Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and noticed something interesting about it. Seems that the SI staffer who labels photographs and puts them into the database thought outside of the box when it was time to name this one. Instead of naming it “Lachey” or “Leinart_Lachey” or “QB_WashedUpPopStar”, they went with one simple word: Douche. Of course, somebody noticed it and fixed it before too many people caught on, but Deadspin still has a screengrab from the incident.

Now, I’m just assuming that the staffer was calling Nick a douche and not Matt. But come on. Admit it. So were you.

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