While You Were Getting JUICED



  • O.J. Simpson is releasing a DVD of hidden-camera prank scenarios called Juiced. It’s sort of like Punk’D, except at the end of the prank, instead of Ashton Kutcher showing up and laughing, O.J. cuts off your head while maniacally screaming, “You got JUICED, b*tch!”
  • Is American Idol’s Katherine McPhee a scientologist? And more importantly, is her Thetan count high enough to win?
  • Paris Hilton can’t remember the name of her own video game. What’s so hard to remember about The World of Whorecraft?
  • Brooke Shields claims to feel no post-partum depression following the birth of her latest child. She does, however, feel kind of sorry for Tom Cruise.
  • Oprah Winfrey is seen by many as a spiritual leader. Personally, I don’t subscribe to these flash-in-the pan religious types, as I have been and always will be a devout follower of His Holiness the Donahue Lama.
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