Grey’s Anatomy Star Hates Her Job Too


pompeoWe’re sure Ellen Pompeo puts her heart into portraying Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. And after years of struggling as an actress, we know she wants to keep her job. So we’ll just chalk up this recent interview Pompeo did with Buffalo News, to ‘having a bad day.’

The interview starts with Pompeo explaining her role on the show: “I just show up and say my lines. There’s no collaboration on the characters and the writing.”

She goes on to enthuse: “This is a 9-to-5 job. I have to show up and say what they write. ”

Pompeo continues to show passion for her job after the jump.

Ellen then complains about not understanding the way her character is written:
“Something I say a lot is, Why does she keep making these stupid mistakes?’ “She’s smart enough to make it through medical school, but she can’t figure out that she shouldn’t be sleeping with strangers.”

Luckily the crappy writing has offset Pompeo’s biggest fear: ” My biggest fear about doing a series television show is that I would be bored. But at the same time, there are episodes where I struggle with the choices that Meredith makes.”

Finally Pompeo rationalizes her character’s dumb choices by saying (with out any sarcasm, we’re sure):
“Well, Shonda [the show’s writer] understands it, and that’s all that matters.”


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