Meet The New Bachelor (the one on the left)


Belle.jpgAfter scouting out yachters and architects in search of the perfect man, the producers of ABC’s The Bachelor have finally settled on a new ladykiller and guess what? He’s a dog (lover.)

Prince Lorenzo Borghese will be the 9th Bachelor in next season’s show, set in Rome. Like the bachelors that came before him, he’s got a generically attractive face, a solid education (an MBA from Fordham) and an impressive background (he’s a prince). But while the other guys had testosterone-fueled jobs in medicine, sports and film, Lorenzo’s occupation is a little, well, fruity. He runs The Royal Pet Spa, an online store that sells home-made pet cosmetics, doggy sweaters, and puppy fragrances like “cooling cucumber tearless daily spritz.” He even dedicated the company to his old black lab, Belle (pictured). Aww isn’t that sweet? I mean dogs are man’s best friends, but in some cases they also are friends with benefits.

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