The Reviews are “Eh” For Da Vinci Code, Over the Hedge


dav.jpgTwo big movies are premiering this week: Over the Hedge and The Da Vinci Code. Both have big star power(Tom Hanks, Steve Carell) and affiliations with powerful rulers(The Pope, WalMart). The only difference is that one challenges the fundamental tenets of Christianity and the other deals with a raccoon on a lawn. Nevertheless, both films are getting equally tepid reviews. Can you guess which review belongs with which movie?

“a rather narrowly conceived tale”
“There was too much music”
“feels a bit old-hat”

“The dialogue was cheesy.”
“It goes on forever”
“isn’t exactly dull”

Based on the reviews of Over the Hedge, the movie could have been a little bit smarter. And according to critics of the Da Vinci Code, Tom Hanks could have been a little more animated. Did someone say mash-up?

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