SIZZLER: Products of Sheen-Richards Divorce


denise-zoo7.jpgRemember Charlie Sheen’s kid’s clothing line Sheen Kidz which debuted a few weeks ago –on the same day his wife got a restraining order against him? Sure Denise really pissed Charlie off, by sabotaging his fashion dreams. But she was just getting started. Now she’s starting her own kid’s clothing line to compete with Sheen Kidz called Kidtoure debuting this summer that will feature novelty t-shirts for girls up to 10 years old. So not only are they dragging their own kids into one of the messiest divorces in history, now every kid in the mall is going to have to choose between the two of them. You know how this is going to end: Sheen Kidz will be worn every other weekend, under supervision.

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