SIZZLER: Kate’s New Man Branded


BRAND.jpgThe Wow Report has the scoop on Kate Moss’s new boyfriend, British comic Russell Brand, an MTV veejay and host on the UK’s Big Brother. According to tabloids he’s also “a recovering heroin, crack, and sex addict.” A friend says, “Kate finds Russell hilarious and he has the sort of rock star looks she’s attracted to.” That’s all well and good, but does he really have what it takes to win Kate’s heart? While Brand’s been arrested 11 times, her last boyfriend was arrested twice in one day. That’s a hard act to follow. What’s worse, while Kate’s ex is finding new, creative ways to celebrate his addiction everyday, Brand hasn’t touched the hard stuff since 2003. Boooring. But lucky for Kate, based on this picture, he still indulges in a little crack.

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