While You Were Destroying the Sanctity of Marriage


  • Tyra Banks has a moustache. And it isn’t an undercover disguise.
  • Pat Robertson threatens U.S. with a tsunami. He’ll do it, don’t test him.
  • John Stamos reveals his sexual exploits and says he and Rebecca Romijn lied about being together at the X-men 2 premiere. Confuses Howard Stern Show for confession.
  • Lindsay Lohan should have flossed. Paris’s liver is stuck in her teeth.
  • Ricky Gervais is water-bombed by a gang of students. No that’s not British slang.
  • Runaway Bride’s wedding is officially off. Couldn’t see that coming.
  • Bruce Willis is getting cozy with young co-star Tamara Feldman. Now Ashton will have some company at the kiddie table.
  • Paul McCartney may lose one quarter of his fortune in the divorce. Still has just enough to retire comfortably.
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