Brandon’s Sleaziness Spreads Like Wildfire(crotch)


joefrancis.jpgIn what might be the rusty nail in Brandon Davis‘ coffin of sleaziness, his filthy sermon on Lindsay Lohan’s genitalia has actually inspired moral outrage from the likes of Howard Stern and now even Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has stopped screaming “show me your tits!” long enough to weigh in how unclassy Davis is. I’m sorry, but when a masturbation-obsessed shock jock and a man who’s made millions convincing drunken sorority girls to jiggle their boobs around on video come out and call you a sleazebag, it’s time to do some serious soul-searching. That level of sleaziness is utterly unfathomable. With less than two minutes, a handful of paparazzi, and a bloodstream full of vodka-Red Bulls, Brandon Davis has managed to make Larry Flynt look like Jerry Falwell.

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