While You Were Taking Your Profile Off MillionaireMatch.com



  • Charlie Sheen’s MillionaireMatch.com online date reveals that he’s a pervert.But would a pervert have a kid’s clothing line?
  • Russell Crowe’s got a new band, “Ordinary Fear of God.” Still grunts.
  • Superman is invisible at Cannes. Maybe he’s just flying above the clouds.
  • Sean Preston is the cutest baby in Hollywood according to a poll. But how long can he coast on good looks for?
  • Amazing Race’s Ray and Yolanda get engaged. But their reality show ended 2 days ago, so they’re dead to us.
  • Mariah Carey is linked to mafia case. Her high-pitched voice used as a form of torture.
  • Howard Stern rips into Brandon Davis. A nation cheers.
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