AD WIZARDS: The iDont Campaign


idont-poster.jpgAs one of millions of people who choose to use an iPod for my portable music playing needs, I am apparently a sheep, a chimp and a puppet of the “oppressive forces of cultural conformity”. According to the angry revolutionaries behind the “iDont Campaign“, those who elect to utilize the iPod’s streamlined, user-friendly music-playing apparatus are hindering “freedom, choice and self-expression”. You might have noticed the “gritty” series of fake-graffiti posters around your city, depicting chimps, donkeys and sheep with the iPod’s trademark white earphones, angrily declaring “there is now an alternative”.

So what is that alternative? And what kind of philanthropic non-profit organization could be responsible for getting this important message of hope to the masses? Why the SanDisk Sansa e200, of course! Resembling the old iPod almost exactly, and available for approximately the same price, the Sansa e200 allows you to suffer inferior music-playing capabilities and frustrating incompatibility without the worries of feeling like a “follower”. Because nothing is cooler or more “indie” than arbitrarily rejecting quality just because it’s “mainstream”!

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