Blair hits the Big Apple


welchelLast week was a whirlwind for Lisa Welchel aka Blair from the The Facts of Life. Welchel–now a devout Christian, author and proponant of punishing kids with hot sauce–joined the old gang including Mindy Cohn and Nancy McKean in New York City to promote the DVD release of the series. Well it’s been a while since the church-going Texan has been in the big city, and according to her blog, things have changed.

Like Radio: “One lady called in and said that “Jo” was her first crush. Then another caller and asked if “Jo” and “Blair” grew up and ended up living together in a house full of cats…A few more callers later and it suddenly dawned on me why this show was called “OutQ 106.” (It was a gay radio station.)”

And TV: “To be honest, I had been very disappointed the day before because, although, every place had been given a copy of the book, nobody mentioned it. I figured that God didn’t really need me to promote my book. If He wanted people to know about it then He is certainly capable of whispering into the right people’s ears.”

And Fine Dining: “Now, it was time for dinner at another fabulous restaurant, Café De Artiste. I decided to try something different so I ordered Wiener Schnitzel. I was surprised when it was served to me and it was flat like a pancake. I thought it would be more sausage-like.”

Read more of Welchel’s eye-openers during her Big Apple tour here (via d-listed)

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