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  • CROTCH: It’s still FireCrotch, and probably will be until another one steps up and beats it. Wait, that came out wrong. (It Speaks)
  • RUNNER-UP CROTCH: Stacy Keibler’s– however, how much of it you see depends on the publication. (Gawker)
  • MASK: Somebody showed up to Cannes in this freaky Faye Dunaway mask (right). What? That’s not actually a mask? Um… nevermind then. (Yahoo)
  • MISUNDERSTANDING: You know how everybody in America knows Stephen Colbert is only playing an over-the-top Conservative talk show host on TV? Yeah, well “everybody in America” does not include Tom DeLay, who posted a video of Colbert slamming Robert Greenwald on his Defend DeLay site today. Whoops. (Think Progress)
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