Pat Robertson: Talks To God, Leg Presses 1-Ton


Pat Robertson at a gym somewhere. Probably in Chelsea.During times of tragedy– be it 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, or 2004’s tsunami– one question people tend to ask themselves is “Where was God?” Well, now we have an answer: He was helping Pat Robertson work on his quads.

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s website, Pat has developed a delicious, refreshing shake, filled with energy-producing nutrients, that allows his 76-year-old ass to leg-press 2000 pounds. Unbelievable! To give you a point of reference, Jesus only leg-pressed about 800 pounds. That’s a big difference.

Clay Travis over at CBS Sportsline has challenged Pat to prove that he’s not full of it. Robertson– who speaks with God regularly and recently announced that a tsunami will hit the US this year– will undoubtedly take him up on this challenge, because if there’s one thing Pat Robertson has it’s integrity.

You can view the ingredients of Pat’s magical shake by clicking below. Surprisingly “creatine” is listed, but “prayer” is not.

pat shake.JPG

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