SIZZLER: Is Kristin Cavallari a Shoplifter?


cavallarishoplifter.jpgBuried a few paragraphs into Blender magazine’s otherwise pointless interview with 80’s hair metal godess Tawny Kitaen, is this interesting little nugget of gossip regarding Laguna Beach’s 15 minutes-of-famer Kristin Cavallari:

“I owned a store called Tawny K. We were painting on a Sunday and I get this call from these four girls from Laguna. They’re begging me to please just let them see the store. So I did. When they start to leave, I get this feeling something’s wrong. My boyfriend stops one girl and she’s got merchandise in her purse. The three other girls start hauling ass. I call the cops and when the girls come back, they’ve got pants, underwear, tops. They take them to jail, handcuffed, the whole thing. I don’t press charges. Cut-fade, two weeks ago, there’s a split picture of Jessica on one side and this girl, Kristin, from Laguna Beach, on the other and my daughter is like, ‘Oh my God. She was the one who stole from your store.’ And now she’s this big thing.”

Let that serve as a warning to all boutiques, jewelry stores and Abercrombies in Laguna Beach – now that Kristin is realizing she’s not going to be the famous movie star she’d hoped, her fingers might start to get pretty sticky again…

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