While You Were Teaching Your Dog Karate



  • Paris Hilton is paid $200 grand to wave. But if you want her to do more, her price is negotiable.
  • Kirsten Dunst’s movie Marie Antoinette in bad shape atCannes. Her teeth are still in worse shape.
  • X-Tina Aguilera gets drunk. Slurs the word ‘dirty.’
  • Janet Jackson miraculously loses a 60 pounds. Must be same rigorous fitness regimen as Star Jones.
  • Kevin Federline’s days are numbered. Luckily he can’t count.
  • Sandra Bullock gets a restraining order from stalker. Goes by the name of Keanu Reeves.
  • Kevin Spacey almost quit being an actor before he got famous. Great, so now he’s never going to quit.
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