Sex Advice From Guitar Gods


cc deville.jpgEver wonder what Poison guitarist / Surreal Life cast member C.C. Deville likes to listen to when he gets it on? Curious about what it takes to get backstage with Nick Wheeler, the guitarist from the All-American Rejects? Well, wonder no more. Alexis Tirado over at talked to C.C., Nick, and two other guitar gods in an effort to help us normal folk. Here’s my favorite C.C. quote:

For me, making love is better. I get more out of it. Something could be said for just plain f**king the person you love. Sometimes if I’m in a lovely-dovey mood, before you know it my girlfriend is putting my face in the toilet and saying, “Get out of the freaking mood, man! I want to f**k like a pig now! Put on your rubber dress again!” “Yes, mom.” If you’re with the person you love, it’s all good.

Wow. Put on your rubber dress and check it out now.

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