ICYMI: Clay Aiken’s Display of Uber-Heterosexuality


There are certain readers of this blog, let’s call them “Claymaniacs” for lack of a better term, who get very angry with us whenever we even implicity call into question the sexual preferences of their beloved almost-Idol, Clay Aiken. They leave comment after comment, incredulous as to how we could possibly get these wacky ideas that Clay is anything but the paradigm of woman-loving masculinity. Well, to those people, we submit this video, possibly the gayest thing I’ve ever seen outside of cutoff denim shorts and military boots. I mean, Ryan Seacrest is the straightest thing happening on that stage, if that tells you anything. Enjoy this performance of a song made famous by Elton John, George Michael and Freddie Mercury – as sung by Clay Aiken and his loving male counterpart:

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