ICYMI: Best. Website. Ever.



I’ll admit it. Since the advent of sites like Google, Technorati, Friendster, MySpace and Facebook, I have spent many wonderful hours utilizing the Internet to stalk ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends, people I want to be my girlfriend, people I went to school with and pretty much every other human being I’ve ever come into contact with.

But the old way of cyberstalking was just so demanding. I had to visit each of these search portals individually to see whether or not the girl who works down the hall has an online presence. It was almost more difficult than stalking people in real life. But not anymore! Thanks to the amazing Stalkerati, I can now search for people on all the aforementioned websites from a single handy website. My days of searching across the entire web for that girl who used to be my lab partner in 7th grade are long gone!

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