SIZZLER: Angelina Has Herpes?


Brangelina may be gorgeous, filthy rich and supernaturally generous, and the proud parents of the new messiah, but they’ve got their flaws namely, HERPES. According to ONTD via an unknown tipster:
“Angie and Brad were indeed having sex on that film [Mr. and Mrs. Smith], and she apparently gave him some STD’s, and that’s how Jennifer Aniston first found out . If you are young, like Angelina Jolie, and healthy, the reason for c-section [which is how Shiloh was born] is almost always herpes. “

The tipster goes on to accuse Madonna, Jennifer Garner, and Katie Holmes of having the itchy disease too. Which means that Guy Ritchie and Ben Affleck are also popping valtrex. Tom Cruise, however, got a clean bill of health.

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