Celebrities Discover Internet, Destroy It


domain-name-registration.jpgIt’s good to see celebrities are finally catching on to the internet. But now that they’ve made their discovery, as expected they want to take complete control over it, like they do everything else. On Saturday, after cutting the cord on their little messiah and maybe a quick sponge bath, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie immediately bought the rights to the domain name shilohnouveljoliepitt.com–which means Shilohnouveljoliepitt Plumbing Supplies will have to go with .biz.

But that’s not the only domain name getting celebrity lovin’. This past week, Tom Cruise released his dogs lawyers across the www in hopes to win back every domain addressassociated with his own name in order to curb the online Cruise-related mockery that brings us so much joy. He’s already taken back Tom Cruise.com from cybersquatters and now he’s going after Tom Cruise.net and Tom Cruise.org but unfortunately www.crazygayalien.net has already been purchased.

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